When life’s not easy, embrace the simplicity

A few months ago, I bought a notebook. What made that notebook more special that other notebooks I had to choose from? What was written on the cover: “Life is simple. Sometimes not easy”. Felt like discovering the words of contradiction best describing our reality. Yes, life is simple. The governing principles are natural and... Continue Reading →

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The post that was supposed to be about career, only it isn’t

I wanted to write about jobs, passion, finding your calling and the idea of making a successful career out of these ingredients. And I did start, completely forgetting about the importance of making a successful living, independent of the accomplishment of a well marketed idea, preached all over the media. I poured the words, one... Continue Reading →

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Life is simple. Let’s not overcomplicate it!

Be happy! Create your own destiny! Look on the bright side! Stay focused! All is possible! You must believe! Keep going! Be positive! Eat healthy! Get enough sleep! Exercise! Do what you love! Follow your heart! Settle down! Start a family! Have children! Take care of yourself and of your family! Let go of the... Continue Reading →

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Let’s talk about the F word. Even better, let’s talk about two F words: Fear and Failure. They go hand in hand, don’t they?! Fear. That invisible little monster inside of us that we nurture and feed. That voice we listen who manages somehow to diminish (sometimes until complete erasure) our boldest, wildest dreams. Fear... Continue Reading →

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