Life requires flexibility, asks us to stretch, to bend, to jump and to bounce. After all the gymnastics life asks us to perform, you may feel exhausted, but the results worth the pain. The less you try to fight it, the less painful is.

You know your way (or at least you think you know your way) and you imagine everything going smoothly towards your end / destination. And right at the beginning, the first obstacle you encounter, will make your whole journey miserable, unless you jump, you bounce and move forward.

Recently I understood that my ability of not giving up, took me a long way. A long way to self discovery, a long way towards myself, a long way in deciphering life’s joys.

To quit is easy. To go back to the comfort zone is easy. To look for the uncomplicated ways of travelling in this life time is easy, but there is no fun, no growth, no self discovery.

So keep going my dear, even if that means to jump, to crawl, to bend and bounce. That’s life (or the divine energy) pushing us, challenging us, kicking in our fluffy asses to move forward. And the brave ones will go all the way.




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