Do you believe in signs?! or all that you see are coincidences and rationally explainable events?!

I place myself in the former category. I do believe in signs and I freely express it.

I  notice “signs” in the form of an email from a close friend, “signs” in a form a quote, signs in a shape of a song. I see the signs and I take them as a confirmation of my decisions or as small guiding marks.

When in doubt I do ask for the signs, I ask God, the Universe, the angels. Why?! because I need confirmations and reassurance. We all do. But signs don’t show up at my door whenever wherever. No!NO!NO! It doesn’t work this way. Signs come to you. You don’t go for the signs.

The sceptics might say that you can interpret everything and everything can be seen as a sign. How do I know the difference: I listen to my heart and instinct. If there is a reaction – there is a sign. A clear sign.

Why I decided to write about signs? Because together with “blind faith” was the combination that helped me going when I had nothing else.

Faith, signs and instinct, and it was enough.


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