Communication, patience and time


Communication is the base of any relationship. The common problem is that not every time we communicate the message is clear. But why the lack of clarity ?! In my case I can think of wrong choice of words, fear of not hurting and being hurt, self-censoring, only to name a few. The result: misunderstandings, frustration, anger.

How can we overcome this?! With courage (as a speaker) and understanding (as a listener)! Courage to express what you feel; courage to say the words; courage to use your voice. Understanding of the feelings; understanding for the words; understanding for the trembling voice.

In today’s super-speed society, we move fast, work and think even faster and forget to have patience. Patience for the one next to us, patience for the one struggling with its own fears, patience for the lack of words. Patience requires time. And time is the best thing you can offer to someone, because our time is our life.

In your future conversation, please do not forget to take you time. It might be the best thing you can do for the one next to you.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words

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