How would you define family? By social standard norms?! By blood ties?! My own definition is by love! Family means above all, love! Unconditional love.

Love, even when you haven’t seen your family in days, weeks and even months. Love, even when you feel that the communication between you and your loved ones is not as easy as you wished for. Love, even when without wanting it, you end up hurting your loved ones. And your loved ones will always forgive you.

Your family will be there for you, even if you decide to start your personal crusade. Your family might not agree with you, might question your choices, but will love and support you all the way anyway. Your family will nurture, protect and bandage your wounds. Your family will fill your life and your heart with so much love that you will be flooded with care, protection, affection. Your family is there to remind you that you are not alone. Your family is a part of you and you are a part of your family.

I love you!

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