The joy of living


The past five years were the most intense and the most beautiful years of my live (so far). Five years of transformations, intense questioning and major life changes. Not an easy process. Not an easy road.
In spite of all the challenges, I loved every second down the way.
How the journey started? With my recklessness, an increasing discontentment and inexplicable thrill.

I was on the edge of an abyss. I had only two options: go back to a life I was feeling as not my own, or take the jump onto unknown….and I chose to jump. I hoped I will survive the fell. I wasn’t crushed as I imagined I would be. The recovery or my own rebirth (as I like to call it) was painful. I had to walk on muddy, dark waters.  I had to face and accept the dark side of my soul. I had to learn to be true and honest with myself. I had to look in the mirror and rediscover who am I.

All meant my progress. I become more aware of myself. I understood that life is beautiful and magic. I discovered the joy in simple things, the joy of living, the joy of taking every moment as it is.

Now I am grateful and at peace.

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