Walking stories


Have you ever wondered what is the story of the person next to you?

I do this exercise from time to time. I stop, look around and I question.

What’s the story of that beautiful rushed, exhausted mother?
What’s the story of the young teenager wearing way too much eye-liner?
Or the story of the dad teaching his younger daughter how to ride the bike?

I stop for brief moments and wonder. This is how I realise I am not alone. It doesn’t matter how upset, stressed or tired I am. This is how I remind myself that we are all walking stories.  We all share stories of love, stories of grief and lose, stories of victories and successes. This is the way I remind myself that we all have stories in progress.

Just stop and observe. The joy of a child, the sparkle in the lovers’ eyes, the miraculous delightful gaze of the new parents. This is how you will remind yourself that your story in not over yet. And, albeit the not so happy chapters, you will know that you are not alone and that your story goes on.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words

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