Sales madness

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Twice a year the sales madness strikes Europe….Terrifying moment (for me at least). Every January and every July I mentally prepare myself for the bargain of the season. Usually I choose the last weekend of sales, when I naively imagine that everyone else bought everything that they had to buy. Before going on chasing the deal, I calmly make a list of the items that I really need. I visualise the shops, take a deep breath and bravely decide to start the attack.

Yes, the attack! Is like a life and death experience. The strongest wins! Angry crowds are fighting to get in the shops. Angry crowds are fighting to get the best items from the endless piles of fabric. And, the worst of all, the final battle for the fitting room.  Trust me, you have to be in the best shape of your life, otherwise you don’t have a chance for success.

I really don’t get it. The same clothes, the same shops, the same fitting rooms are there, all year long. I guess there’s no sense of victory if you don’t sweat, push and swear for the perfect skirt…

This is the time of the year I invoke Christ and the Lord and all the saints and angels every five seconds. So, is not only shopping, but even a moment of pure epiphanies and religious experiences.  You cannot miss that.

Don’t get me wrong! I love shoes! I cannot resist a sexy dress and a nice leather bag! And I am always happy when I spot a bargain. But I decided! No discount when it comes to keeping my mental sanity.

You don’t understand shopping until you experience the sales madness.

Enjoy shopping!


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