Shadows and light


I catch myself sometimes wondering in the past. Having conversations with characters that no longer have a place in my life, giving explanations for my current situation to some old circumstances.  How bizarre. And still, so real.

Our past is part of ourselves. The past can and will haunt us. It is up to us not to be impressed by its shadows.  You cannot have a shadow without light. It’s up to us to dig up and understand what blocks the light. Once the blocks will be removed, there will only be light.

I educated myself not to run from the shadows. Having conversations with the shadows I learned a lot about me, about my frustrations, and my fears. I invite them in. talk to them. I ask what they want to say and what they have to teach. And that’s how I make peace. I thank the shadows and we make peace. I make peace with my past.

What I wanted to say is that we don’t have to run from our past, from unfinished conversations, from unsolved situations. We have to face them. Is not easy, but is rewarding. And what bigger reward than having closed another chapter of your life.

One ends, to let another to begin.

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