Travelling light through life

dsc00657It is a fact. We get attached. To people, to places, to memories, to superfluous things. If the first three mentioned here are justifiable and understandable, is the later that bugs my mind for a while now.

I did some travelling lately. All I had in a small backpack and a suitcase was enough.
This made me wonder once again – why do we collect things?!
If we can travel light to any touristic destination, what stops us from travelling light through life?!  Why do we have to burden ourselves with pricey, fancy, useless items that sooner or later will end up in a closet, in a box, forgotten in a storage room?!

I do speak from experience. I do have my own collection of tickets, magnets, notebooks, scarves and much more. I am collecting because I tend to link my memories to things. Unfortunately things cannot bring back to life the experiences or the feelings. Things cannot prolong a moment of happiness, of joy, of peace and contentment.

I know is difficult to swim against the tide in a world that is constantly pushing us to buy, to collect, to spend, to convince us that we need things that will make our life easier, prettier, nicer.

But let’s not forget that our memories and our experiences are kept within.

I guess is a matter of exercise. We have to train ourselves to make memories beyond buying, to enjoy without spending, to relax without counting.

Let’s learn to travel light through life. Let’s learn to carry only the moments, the feelings, the experiences, the memories. Let’s remember that all this travels with us wherever we go.


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