Smelly and dirty post: The Shitty Days


What do you do when you feel like sh*t?! What do you do when people around you
(well-intended) point out all the good parts in your life and you still feel like crap?  Actually they make you feel worst, although their intention was to make you feel better. Why?! Because now the guilt takes up the stage.

How can you be so ungrateful?! the voices are asking .

I am not ungrateful (I know all my blessings), sometimes I just feel like sh*t. Yes! I have a good job, nice colleagues and good boss, decent pay check, amazing family and friends, I’m in good health, I afford to travel. Please stop reminding me. I know all this and I know that all I enumerated above places me in a privileged percentage of the population. But I do have days when I feel like sh*t!
We all do! And it’s normal.

Some years ago I promised myself that I will try to be as honest to myself as possible, to be as sincere as I can be. I don’t want to be in denial. I think is a good exercise to acknowledge your frustrations, to be aware of your shitty days, of your anger, of your emotions.

We all experience shitty day, unless you have discovered the hidden secret of eternally mastering the ZEN. (For those who actually know the secret: 1. I bow in front of you; 2. Please share – the world needs you).

Coming back to the shitty days, for those reading these lines, please don’t feel guilty for not having all day long a success smile on your face. Please don’t feel guilty for wanting to yell your lungs out. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to cry all your tears out  and never leave the couch.

It is normal. We are human beings. We can allow our emotions, frustrations and angers to express themselves. The trick is not to let them take control over us.

In the end nothing lasts for ever, and this applies to the shitty days as well.


Sharing Simple Words.

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