Souls, environment and light

How deep are the soul and the environment linked?
Is the environment in which we are living in shaped by our soul?
Is our soul shaped by the environment in which we are living in?
Is a little bit of both?!

Until not so long ago I thought that if your soul is at peace, the environment in which you are living in will follow the same direction. And I still believe that a peaceful soul does make you see the good in any situation.

Recently, I felt how the environment does matter for my inner peace and I understood that our inner peace can brighten the grayness of a location. It’s all about the moment. It’s all about the twist we are willing to give to the present moment.

I cherish the sunny days, I recharge with every ray of light and I day dream under a clear blue sky.

But there are moments when our inner resources are scarce, moments when the environment doesn’t give us a hand. This is the perfect moment to start looking  for the smiles, to start looking for the light and bright souls.

A ray of light, a ray of sunshine and the warmth of a kind soul will put everything into a different perspective.  Sunny places do bring light in shaded souls and sunny souls do bring light in the darkest places.

It’s up to us to define, keep and nurture our personal rays of light.
Let’s treasure the good in every instant, let’s look for the light in a soul, in a moment, in life.

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