In a world that is always telling us how to be and who to be, how to look, what to eat, how to behave, how do we keep our authenticity?!

Where starts our real inner voice and where ends the sound of the external voices? It is a thin demarcation line. To know where you stand requires a lot of self-knowledge .

I ask questions. I take advice. I read development books. I listen to motivational podcasts but I always try to make the messages mine. I use my experiences, I listen to my instinct and adapt all that I am receiving to my own realities.

Is not always easy to go against the tide, but is our responsibility to find our own way. Is our responsibility to stay true to ourselves, to keep and nurture our authenticity.

It takes courage to understand that what is best for others, might not suit you. And it takes courage to build your own way. Is not an easy process, but is a rewarding one.

Knowing who you are and keeping your authenticity is the foundation on which you can build the life of your dreams. And all the good things take time.

So, my dear reader, please, be patient and stay true to yourself.
The results will come.


Sharing simple words.

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