Have you ever noticed how a simple smile can take you a along way?!

A simple smile can brighten not only your day, but the day of others. A smile has a life of his own and can multiple. How?!  Simple. Smiling is contagious. Yes, it is. Is like “pass it on“. You smile. Others smile and they pass it forward. The more people smile more joy arouses.

When I panic, I smile. When I am embarrassed, I smile. When I have no idea of what to say or do, I smile. And magic happens.

I don’t know how, but always works. Immediately, things do not appear as bad as they seemed in the absence of the smile. I relax, and all of a sudden a ray of hope embraces me and the ones around me.

When we smile there’s no place for tension and aggression. When we smile the language of hope and kindness is spoken and heard. When we smile we help each other.

Smiling is the simplest reminder of the beauty of the human heart.

My dear reader, do not forget to smile.  We need more smiles. The world needs your smile.


Sharing simple words.

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