Decide to be happy


If we need so little to be happy, what’s stopping us of being so?!

I think this is the paradox of our society. We need so little, but we are told that we need more. Way much more. Since early childhood we are told how to be, what to be, what we need and where we are supposed to be.

I noticed that the happiest people are the ones that somehow decided for themselves what their own needs are. And they did something else. They stopped comparing! I admire these special enlightened souls. Instead of looking around them, they turned their attention inwards. They looked at their own soul. They looked and they listened. They listened to the needs of their own soul. And I believe this is a pure act of bravery.

I also believe that we all can learn from their examples. It is up to us to stop the comparison; it is up to us to look inwards; and it is up to us to decide for ourselves what our needs are.

I decided to be happy. I decided that I know better what my needs are. I decided where I want to be and what I want to be.

And my dear reader, you can decide for yourself too. Just listen. Listen to your instinct. Remember to speak to the child hidden in you. Lift the fog that surrounds him. Remember the innocent happiness of that child, let him free and let him guide you. That’s your true inner voice.

It is your life and your life only.

Life is too short to live a life that doesn’t feel like your own.


Sharing Simple Words

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