Reminder for the soul

I admire those special souls that I love to call “the free spirits”. The brave ones, the ones in pure harmony with themselves. The souls that don’t give a f**k, those souls that live the life they decided they wanted to live. Those souls who broke the “standard social” norms. Those souls who had the courage to say NO and wrote their own rules.The rules of truth. The rules of kindness. The rules of simplicity. The rules of harmony. The rules of the soul. The rules of the divine sparkle within.

We all must learn from their example. I believe that all starts with the inner harmony. For each of us the road to achieving harmony may be different, but the results are the same: tranquility, peace, a sense of unity and belonging to the humanity.

We all are kind and beautiful souls. Unfortunately we are caught up in fights that are not our own; in negative energies that we were made to believe that are our own.

Life is so short…Why don’t we love more?! Live more?! Enjoy more?!

Why don’t we?! Who thought us to be so busy?! So rushed?! So angry?!

Life is short!  Let’s live more! Love more! Listen more! Enjoy more!

Let’s free ourselves from fears, negativity, from the rules.

We all are brave, beautiful souls!
We just need small reminders of the kindness and of the divine sparkle within.

Let’s all be wild and free!

Sharing Simple Souls

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