The forgotten value of our time


Our time is limited. We know that and we keep forgetting how precious our time is.

Our time is our life, and we are exactly what’s left of our time. We’re always in a constant rush. Wanting to do more, explore more, live more. I guess that doing more things, makes us feel in control and responsible for our time. By doing more, we live less.

I wondered if doing more, always faster and faster is the solution for giving more value to my time. Well, after exhaustion came, the answer revealed was NO. So, I decided to slow the pace. I regained my time.

I am giving more value to my time. How? Simple. By doing things that I love. Meeting and chatting with friends without stressing about “to do lists”. By seating on a bench and looking at the sky. By taking a stroll in the park. By avoiding to look at the clock. By remembering to breath and by being in the present moment.

The moment called present is the priceless gift received that we decided to ignore.
By giving more value to our time, we are giving more value to our life.

Please forget the rush.
Stop chasing your happiness in the future.
Start remembering that your joy is hidden in the present moment.

And what can be more beautiful than losing ourselves in the blissfulness of the instant.


Sharing Simple Words

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