Your soul deserves all the love


We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

This quote shacked me.
Is it really true? Do we accept only the love we think we deserve?!

Looking back to my own experiences I will have to say “yes”. And it happened when I was doubting myself, my abilities, when my self-esteem was at its lowest.  And the worst part was that I was convincing myself that this is the best I can get. Unconsciously I was programming myself for “that’s all you deserve”. I was sabotaging me and my life.  I was sabotaging my right of giving and receiving love. And I was applying this “principle” in all my relationships – family, friends, work.  It felt like I was not worthy of more.  I was blocking happiness. I was blocking the real me. And I was becoming a “people pleaser ”, forgetting to please me first. I was convinced that pleasing everyone will bring me more respect and will make me feel better about myself.

Everything changed in the very second I decided that I have to start loving myself.
Magic appeared.

I stopped focusing on what didn’t work in my relationships and started to focus on what did. I stopped focusing on pleasing everyone and start pleasing myself and honoring my life. It was a big shift.

I stopped looking for outside confirmations, and started looking at my souls’ needs. I stopped asking attention from the outside world and I discovered my inner world. A world that I was neglecting for years. I started to nurture and cherish the love relationship with myself.
And miracles happened.

The good energy and the good vibes started to surround me. The more I loved myself and the more I listened to my soul, the more love I was receiving and the more joy I was attracting.

My dear reader, I am not writing to tell you what to do. I’m just sharing my experiences.

But please start loving yourself.

Start respecting you as a human being.

Please start honoring your soul. Remember that your soul has so much love to give and so much love to receive. All we have to do is to listen to what our soul has to say.
Please listen and you will see how love will come to you.


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