Embrace change


There is comfort in the routine, we all can agree to that.

But how do we break it without being terrified, without losing our sense of security and stability?

I think the answer is by challenging ourselves. By pushing ourselves to do things that we usually don’t do. By stretching the limits of our beloved comfort zone. And this can happen without making drastic changes.

We can start with small ones. And the small ones, one by one, can lead to a major change. The small changes are the ones that prepare ourselves for what is to come. The unknown may be frightening and I know that the simplest novelty element can trigger all our defensive instincts. But by trying to integrate in our daily routine the beauty of discovering, we become more flexible, more understanding, ready to take more risks.  Is like when you wish to run the marathon. You will need to train. If you’re not an athlete, on your first attempt, after the first two or three kilometers, you will gave up. You will tell yourself that you’re not up to the challenge.  Changing the way you approach these hiccups, will make you feel more comfortable and more engaged with your challenge.  Training every day, increasing the running distance, celebrating all this “small” achievements, all together, will make you a winner and a marathon runner. This principle applies in life. In the end, there is no small or big challenge. There is challenge and our response to it.  

Life is like making a puzzle. When you start you have hundreds of small pieces that don’t make any sense. With patience and perseverance we get a beautiful picture. When the picture is finally in front of us, we can congratulate ourselves and say that we did a great job, although in the beginning nothing made any sense. And once the puzzle is done, we can move to the next one. This time a little more patient and wiser. Knowing that not knowing everything is ok. Knowing that not seeing the complete picture from the start is ok. Knowing that we are a little more prepared for what is to come.

Embracing change is embracing a new you. A braver you. A wiser you. A supple and subtle you.

My dear reader, please welcome with an open heart the new you, the future you, the happier you.


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