Write your thank you note


Some time ago I started a gratitude journal. I took it as an exercise of reminding myself all the good things happening during the day. After 11 months is one my daily habits. I have coffee in the morning and writing in the evening. What I noticed was that the way of putting on paper my everyday blessings evolved. I write letters. I write letters to God. I write letters to God every day. I write and I say thank you.

The thanking part came with ease. I needed to say thank you to someone. I thought that God/The Universe/ Supreme Energy or Consciousness (give whatever name you like) is the rightfully recipient of my words, of my daily impressions and perceptions. So now I end my days with a letter and with a thank you.

This exercise made me more aware of the little things. It reminded me that each day is full of opportunities and blessings. Made me realise that happiness is a sunny day and a coffee with a friend. Happiness is a walk in the park and a chat with your mom.
Happiness is all around us waiting patiently and quietly to be seen.
Happiness is hidden in a sincere thank you.

I wanted to share this with you first to say thank you for reading my humble lines. And second to encourage you to write a letter or a simple thank you note. And observe. Observe your feelings and observe how the joy and happiness will come to you. Become aware of your little things.

Happiness starts with a simple thank you.
And a simple thank you is waiting quietly to be said, written and expressed.

Thank you and lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words

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