Tune is the music of your life

Music is my friend. Music lifts me up in my saddest moments.
Music makes my inner child dance.
Music frees my wildest dreams and gives me courage to pursue them.
I turn to music when I need an urgent energy boost. And music never lets me down.
Have you ever noticed that there is music all around us?!
There is sound, and melody and rhythm.
The sound of the street, the melody of nature, the rhythm of life.
All we have to do is stop and listen.
Listen with an open heart, see with the eyes of the soul and hear with each breath we take.
We must tune in the melody of our life.
We all are artists. Artists and composers of our own life.
It’s our melody and ours only.
And don’t be shy. Your music has to be heard.
Turn on the volume and play it out loud.
You might end up inspiring others with your song.
Sharing Simple Words

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