It’s all about the attitude


Where do you focus your attention? On the things that work or on the ones that don’t?!

I like to consider myself a positive person with a good sense of humour and enough self-irony. I am a person who trains herself to see the good part of the story all the time. Well, this is what I like to believe at least. And in spite of all the positive seeing I do surprise my positive-self destabilized by the most surprising reasons: a broken nail (can be painful though), a missed bus, or a missed phone call.

Do all this really matter?! If we let such mundane things get to us, how we are supposed to tackle the “heavy”, important ones?!

The secret lies in shifting our attention. From what might go wrong to what already works. From what is missing to what is already there.

There is so much good in our lives that stressing about the unknown is a waste of our energy and our time. “Sh*t happens”. It’s a fact. We might fool ourselves that we are having control over our lives. In fact, we don’t.

The only things that we control are our attention and our attitude. Events have their own way of unfolding. Independent of our will. The sanest way of enjoying our lives is to decide that we cannot decide all the time how things will look like in the end.

So, please relax. Choose wisely where to focus your attention, look for the good, and keep an open – minded attitude.

Things will work out. It’s up to us to enjoy the show.


Sharing Simple Words.

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