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In my short experience as a blogger, I’ve noticed that my most liked posts were the ones passing happy, positive messages. I can understand why. I like to see, hear, and surround myself with all that positive means.

Today’s post is different. Different because I felt I couldn’t ignore what I’ve read:

According to UN “world faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 with tens of millions starving”.

What world do we live in?! If we don’t see the wars, the horrors, the sufferance it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If all this pain is not ours, we simply shouldn’t care?!

I know that we all struggle. We all have our battles, but let’s try to put them into perspective.
Is nothing compared with what is happening much closer to us than we like to believe.

No child should suffer!

In the era of smart phones, and connectivity, and technology can’t we find resources to help the ones in need?!

My dear reader, if you’re seeing these lines this means you are among the lucky ones. The ones having clean, safe drinking water. The ones enjoying the advantages of electricity and technology. The ones having a roof over their heads and more than that, having that special place that you can call a home. And I am a firm believer in the beauty of the human hearts.
I am convinced that together we can make a difference.

Anne Frank’s words must be remembered: “No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Giving doesn’t mean only material aspects. We can make a difference in many ways.

I cannot tell what to do. I just wanted to point out that the world needs you.

And you, and me, and together we can make a difference.

A baby step is still a step. A step for a better world to live in.


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