The silence of your own soul


The older I get, the more I become me. With each experience that I live, the more I discover who I am and more I learn how to become me. And by becoming more me, less confirmations I seek in others. And because I need less confirmations, the more I hear my true self.

I love to start each day in silence. Silence helps me reconnect with the world, with my surroundings, with me. The longer the silence, the better I hear the sound of me. The sound of who I am, of what I want, of what my soul has to say.

And the more I listen, the more I discover and I like more my own soul’s company.

In a world of action, in a world of loud shallow words, we must learn how to remove the noise.  We must learn how to listen the silence of our own soul.

Take time to enjoy your own company. Take time to listen to your own soul.

Stop and listen. You will rediscover your true nature. The beauty within.

Stop and listen. Give it a minute. You might like what you will hear!


Sharing Simple Words

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