Be Free


We are born to be free. Free to be ourselves. Free to enjoy life to its fullest.

Free to love and free to be loved! We are born free, but we are too afraid to be free.

Free means responsibilities and choices.

Free means to know who you are and stand for what you believe in!

We are born free, and still we prefer to escape our freedom.

It’s easier to follow a well-known, previously walked path. It’s easier to agree to a general accepted idea, rather than express your own. It’s easier to convince yourself that what you were told is the right thing for you.

But remember that you are free. Free to choose! Free to speak!
You are free, as much as free can be!

You are free! Free to say NO! Free to say YES! Free to start all over again!

You are free to be scared, and you free to be brave!
You are free to be everything you want to be!

Don’t be afraid. Don’t waste your gift!

Be free! We are born to be free!


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