We are complete


I am complete. Today this thought stroked me.
Yes, you are complete too. We are complete. We all are. We are complete.
And who ever tells you something different, doesn’t really know you and doesn’t understand who you are. And worst, doesn’t appreciate your completeness.

We don’t need to improve ourselves for the sake of others. We may become a better version of ourselves, but this is a pure personal choice. Independent of external factors.
We are complete. We don’t need someone or somewhat to make us prettier or happier. We don’t need someone who will try to make us “right”, only because they consider that is for our own good. We don’t need in our lives persons for whom we will chop parts of our completeness, only because they don’t see the perfect imperfection.

We are complete. What we do need in our lives are those special, beautiful souls. Beautiful souls that know how to bring into the spotlight the best in us. Beautiful souls that know we are complete. Beautiful souls that love our perfect imperfection. Beautiful souls that lift us up when we forget that we are complete.

My dear readers, I wanted to remind you that you are complete. And please do not forget to surround yourself with the beautiful souls that know you are complete.


Sharing Simple Words

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