Be proud of your scars

Do you hide your scars?!
Do you ever look at your scars?!
Do you talk to them? Or you just pretend that they don’t exist?
They DO exist. Even if we act like they didn’t left a mark.
But they did. The scars are there. On our skin, on our soul, in our hearts.
To remind us of our battles, of our struggles, of our victories.
Each scar tells a different story. The story of the first bike rides, or the story of a hike that ended with a broken arm, or the story of a shattered heart.
It took me a long time to understand that I have to be proud of my scars. Proud of the visible and proud of the invisible ones. In my own healing process I’ve learned that the marks will be there as a reminder of what I’ve been through. Of what I’ve been as a person before the mark existed.
The scars tell stories. Our stories. The story of our transformation.
It took me a long time to understand that I have the power to heal my hurts. And to heal my hurts I have to look at my scars. Accept the pain, accept what caused it, accept the mark. Accept and move one.
My dear reader, the scars will always be there. But next time when you look at one of your own scars, be proud. Yes, most of the time there’s a painful memory behind it, but there’s a story of a victory as well. Your victory over a bad memory. Your victory over a sad experience.
Your scars are there to remind you that your name is VICTORY.
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