Expect less. Live more.

The best things that happened in my life are the ones that I didn’t ask for.
Why? Because I received them, exactly as they were. With no anticipation, with no prior expectations, with no false imagines of what might be.
And today I am grateful for all the things I’ve asked for, and never happened.
Why? Because the things I didn’t asked for and happened, proved to be far better than the things I’ve asked for. And I received them with sincere joy, with open heart.

I received them in my life exactly as they were and with a great sense of wonder. Wonder in the face of the good, wonder in the face of my own personal little miracles. And these unexpected blessing and miracles, gave me a new sense of hope. Hope that things will turn out well. Hope that finally I will learn to live each day as it comes. Hope that I gained more wisdom on how to enjoy every moment to its fullest.

Most of the times, expectations harm us.
Harm us because we start living our lives according to them. Harm us because we try to arrange our lives according to what they dictate. Harm us because we start to act according to “what might happen”, according to a false image we create and develop.
Yes, we all have hopes and dreams. Yes, we all have desires. But what I’ve learned is that sometimes, what I thought is good for me and strongly fought for, ended up to be a lesson.

A lesson of knowing when to let go, a lesson of trust into the future, a lesson of hope for the future.

In the past months, so many unexpected things happened. Unplanned. Unanticipated. Forcing me to accept what is, teaching me to trust the process, showing me that life is happening NOW. IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. And that my only obligation is to make the most of it. Here. And Now.
My dear readers start to live now. Expect less. Enjoy more. Live more.
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