Happiness is not a shopping list


Statement: We all want to be happy! Simple as that! And although we all want to be happy, somehow we perfectly miss the happiness.

I noticed so many book titles teaching us how to be happy, or how to reach happiness, or how to find our path to happiness, along with endless internet articles.

When the happiness became a race?!
Did we become so lost in this march of attaining happiness, that we actually forgot how to be happy?

We can read all the books, all the articles and put into practice all the advices, but is only when we stop looking outwards and start looking inwards that we will find our answer(s).

Happiness is not a shopping list, nor a fancy vacation in a place you cannot pronounce the name. Happiness is not an expensive piece of jewelry, but a well-hidden gemstone. A gemstone we all carry inside of us, a treasure we constantly decide to ignore. Happiness is now. Happiness doesn’t have a time-line, or a price tag. And happiness won’t show around the corner if we do this and that, or if we reach a specific career peak.
Happiness just is.

I agree. You can get moments of satisfaction, but those are limited in time.

Happiness is like a river. It cannot last if its spring dies. And usually the springs are deep. Well-hidden. Taking their energy from the depths of the earth.

Our happiness comes from within. But we have to dig deep. Look inwards. Listen from where our energy comes from. There! There is our source and our happiness. We all know what makes our souls happy, but we decide not to listen, because this requires inner work and in the end, it’s easier to go outside and shop. Plus we are afraid that we won’t like what we will see. In the depths of ourselves, in the depths of our souls. Please take the challenge. Dig deep and bring into the light your gemstone.

My dear reader, please don’t make your happiness a shopping list.  Your soul knows. You know. Stop for a second. Take a deep breath and listen. Let the stream of your soul guide you. There! There is your happiness 🙂


Sharing Simple Words.

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