Life is a TV series


Yes! I do believe that everything happens for a reason, even if the reason might be a painful one.

I do also believe, that the reason, most of the times, is a lesson, even if a painful one. And I do also believe we will continue receiving the same lesson, over and over again, until we get the message and we learn what was to be learned, in the first place.

Speaking for myself, until I figure the message and the lesson out, I struggle. And I question, and I get upset and frustrated. And I start feeling sorry for myself, and I become angry (as any perfect victim does) because the Universe is to be blamed for my unpleasant situation. And the cycle repeats on and on, until I decide to have a different look, with a change perspective over the whole experience(s).

But once the message is clear and lesson is learned, I feel stronger, wiser, better prepared for my next challenge. Once you passed through fire, you are no longer frightened by it.

I do bow in front of the wise ones, the ones who do not struggle and the ones who get the message in a bit.

But let’s be honest, for most of us is a never-ending story and the message is almost never revealed in a bit. And like in most of the stories, there is good and there is bad; there is more than one plot; there is love and disappointment; there are victories and losses. Like in a TV series. This is our life. A sequence of episodes that will continue. A sequence of episodes that sometimes doesn’t make any sense and defies the logic. A sequence of episodes that will challenge your patience and make you question. But if you continue watching, even if you want to say STOP, you get your rewarding scene and the long awaited grand finale. And from there, the cycle starts again. Another plot, for another season, for another reason, as the story must go on.

Life is never as we expect it to be. And I do not think is supposed to be the way we expect it to be. Life has its own script, different than ours. Once you surrender to life, you understand the reason(s) and the why. After all, life is to be lived, discovered and enjoyed. But please remember that we all are characters in someone else’s series. Don’t forget to play your part as well as you can.


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