The power of LOVE


So simple, and yet so difficult to meet. What exactly ?! Love!

Love. Love to heal our hurts. Love that brings us comfort and courage to move on.

Love that cures and love that transforms.

I know that every single thing in our life is supposed to start from a place of self-love. I also know that not loving ourselves enough means the lack of the healthy, solid foundation for each action we take.

I was thinking these days, about the energy and the force that LOVE actually is. And that we do need to receive it from external sources, as well. Most of us are not enlightened, superior human beings who live in a temple and have no contacts with the external world; nor hermits that dedicate their lives to the love of God and live in a continuous devotion.

NO, most of us crave for LOVE. We do ask for it, and we do pray to receive it. Why? Because due to Love we flourish. We grow. We develop. In love we found peace, and because love brings peace. Peace of the souls. Peace of the mind.

In Love’s presence, we become better versions of ourselves.

Love has so many shapes and comes from so different sources: from family, from friends, from those willing to give you a head in need. Love feels like a cool summer breeze and looks like the warmest smile a child can give.

Love is about giving, and also about receiving. Giving and receiving with no expectations.

In Love there is no competition, no fear and no suffering. And who says otherwise doesn’t know what Love actually is.

Love means FREEDOM. Love gives us wings to fly high, greatness in each and every action, and kindness to see all around us in the brightest light.

And this is why we seek Love, because our souls know that were Love is, there is power, there is beauty, and there is happiness.

My dear ones, don’t stop. Don’t stop searching. Don’t stop hoping.

Please remember that Love is waiting for us, and to reach it, we must allow Love to come to us.


Lots of Love,

Sharing Simple Words

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