Create yourself


It’s ok not knowing all the time who you are and where you’re heading to.
Why?! Because we create ourselves every single day! We discover who we are by living day by day; by exposing ourselves to the unknown and by taking leaps of faith; by taking risks and by making mistakes.

By discovering ourselves, we will hurt and we will be hurt. We will love and we will be loved. We will gossip and we will be the gossiped ones. We will be shouted out, and we will shout out. We will be laughed out, and we will laugh at. We will cringe in front of peril and we will clench our fists ready to start the battle. We will cry along the road and we will roar in front of danger. We will face madness and we will become madness. We will say we had enough and we will not stop. Life will punch us in the face and we will fight back.

I do not believe people who say they know exactly who they are and who say they know where they are heading to. And you know why? Because life is unpredictable. Along the way, we will be exposed to the unknown and to unfamiliar situations and places. Life is a mystery that has to be discovered. By living the unknown life, the uncharted territory lying within us will be explored. And in the process, we will discover bits of ourselves.

This is life. This is the process of creating who we are, as we are. And it’s ok to be lost! It’s ok to be messy, as long as you don’t stop unveiling yourself, to you and to others.
So, it’s ok not knowing who you are, because later on, you will figure it out.

My dear reader,
Be curious! Be courageous! Be brave! All the way! CREATE YOURSELF.


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