Look beyond the social norms

photo honeysuckle

Since early childhood, we are taught (or society pushes us) to identify ourselves by age, by gender or by our nationality. Later in life, we add to the list of identifiers our race, our job, our studies, our marital status and sometimes (to make it worst) our weight or our height.

Do we really have to check well-defined criteria?! We are not a standard assembled machine.

Does it really matter what my race or what my skin colour is?! Does my job say how kind am I? Or how humble am I?!

Shouldn’t we identify ourselves by the experiences we lived, by the laughs we had in a day or by the number of hours spent with our loved ones?!

Wouldn’t our lives be much better and our interactions flow much smoothly if we just live and spoke about each other outside of the socially designed identifiers?!

Try to imagine a life where you use to describe yourself by the hours spent enjoying a bright blue sky, or by the number of hours dedicated to reading your preferred author. Or even better, by the numbers of hours you committed yourself to making someone else’s life easier.

Wouldn’t our lives become more valuable if we start to identify ourselves by the books we read, by the music we listen or by the number of days, months, years we have travelled?!

I believe our society would become a more peaceful place if we simply start to identify ourselves by our emotions, by our dreams or by our hobbies. Instead of counting hours spent in an office or the hours devoted to a job we don’t enjoy doing, shouldn’t we count the happy moments or what we did to make the moments count?


Wouldn’t our lives become more meaningful?

It would, because the meaning of life lies beyond age, beyond race and beyond gender.

We discover our own meaning beyond the social designed norms. We must be the ones deciding what meaningful means to us. And to do that we need the courage to understand with the logic of the heart and to hear with the senses of the souls, as the heart and soul do not know what a social identifier is or what a social identifier means.


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