Only The Moon

Dear MOON,
How many stories have you heard?!
And how many wishes have you fulfilled?
How many tears have you dried out?!
And how many nights of sorrows have you counted in?!
Do you recall how many broken promises have you seen?
And how many broken hearts have you healed in?
Dear Moon,
You shine in the night, but you never show your darkest side.
You know the secrets of the world, but no one knows the one you hold.
Dear Moon,
You feed in our darkest fears and you put wings to our wildest dreams.
You make us question sharp and deep, but you won’t give a glimpse of what is to seek.
You make our demons dance and you force us to look up to them in the face.
Dear Moon,
You remind us that we can take the light of the sun and make it our own.
And you remind us that we all can glow.
Dear Moon,
You remind us of the magic we have forgotten,
And you also give us hope that under your night light turn nothing is lost and that all can be remembered.




Sharing Simple Words

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