Days of getting lost

getting lost

We all experience those days – days when doing nothing is the best option.
Those days when you start doing 50 different things, but you end up finishing none.
Those days when everything you do seems a burden and everything you start lacks creative energy and meaning.
Those days when you want to do more, but you simply cannot.

Days of questioning and days of so many wonders.
Days when you feel stuck.
Stuck in time. Stuck in the same situations. Stuck in the same behaving and thinking patterns.
Those are the days when lifting yourself up is a much-desired need, but the end is closer to beating yourself up.
Those days when the grass always seems greener on the other side. It seems, not necessarily is.
Those days when we forget that we all struggle and that we all have unique paths to walk.
Days of uncontrolled anger and days of undesired frustration.
Those days that you wish to skip and start fresh new ones.

We all experience these kinds of days.
Although those days are heavy, these kinds of days are blessings in disguise.
Because we all need days of letting the steam coming out. Days when we allow ourselves to be down because we know tomorrow is another day. And another day might be a better day.
And another day brings another way of thinking, of doing, of behaving.
Days of questioning and wonders bring unexpected solutions and unpredicted answers.
Days of anger and frustrations are followed by quietness and calmness.
And from stillness, we start to move and act again.

My dear readers all I wanted to say is that “those days” are normal. We all have ups and downs. Days of sunshine and days of storms. We all are in the same floating boat. And we all have to learn how to navigate between rays of light, bright blue skies and thunderstorms.

And that’s why we need “those days” – to give ourselves permission to be lost.


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