Why we need Santa Claus and stories


I do believe in Santa Claus and I do believe in happy ending stories. Why? Because they are symbols and reminders. Symbols and reminders of the good in the world. Symbols and reminders of the magic that never ceases to exist.

The-old-white-bearded-cheerful-guy delivering gifts down the chimney and the unimaginable twists in stories remind me that all is possible. Remind me that what is meant to be will always find a way. Remind me that when you least expect the good will prevail over the bad. Santa and stories remind me of the demanding work everyone must do for reaching the good. To get to the end of the story you must read all the chapters (skipping parts won’t make you any good as you will miss the plot). To find your gift under the Christmas tree you must wait an entire year. With conviction.

Santa and stories remind me that the reward is in the waiting. The reward is in the patience and in the faith that somehow all will make sense. The reward is knowing that you haven’t wasted a single second of your precious time.

Some see Santa and stories as simple fantasies. As illusions and unrealistic ends. I do see them as the essence of this world. Santa teaches the children that if you do good, the good will come back to you, endlessly unfolding. And I am not thinking here about the toys, the gifts, the volatile things. I am thinking about the joy, about the smiles, about the awareness of what good means. Santa teaches us that the reward is in the lighted heart, in the sincere laugh, in the genuinely amazed regards. With the help of Santa and with the examples from the stories, the world reveals. With the good and with the bad.

Santa and stories are not a child’s dream. Santa and stories will never be out of fashion. Santa will reinvent himself according to the time’s requirements. Stories will be rewritten according to people’s needs.

And their essence reflect the core of the whole human existence.

Santa Claus and stories are not a child’s dream. They are for the grown-ups reminders of the reality that cannot be escaped from, reality disguised in what some will call “fantasy tales”.

We all need the fantasy, the stories, and Santa Claus. To make us dream when we have forgotten. To give us hope, when we have given in. To remind us of the happy endings, when happy is the last thing we believe in. To show us that magic still exists and if lost can be retrieved. To give us courage and give us wings to pursue a bewildered dream.

We need Santa Claus and we need stories. We need them for us, the grown-ups, not to forget the secret language of this enchanted world.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words

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