Welcome 2019!

The beginning of a new year is the moment when we decide to take up resolutions, to write down the goals for the year ahead and make the mandatory to do lists.

I did this kind of exercises for a few consecutive years. I have written elaborate lists with enthusiasm and conviction. Than I stopped. Life’s course ran over me and over my family. A life faded away and I couldn’t plan, write, pray, not even imagine for a while. The beginning of 2018 was not marked by a list or by any of the “I would like to achieve these goals by the end of year”. All I wished for, was to have the strength to go through all what 2018 was about to offer. It was a bumpy ride, one that shaken me more than once. And like every year, I lived through all 365 days. From the beginning until the end. I jumped from the sunny to cloudy days, from winter to summer, and I arrived tired, relieved, and smiling at the gloomy end of year days.

And here I am, waving and saying “Old year, thank you for everything and good-bye 2018”, next to “New year, you are expected. Welcome, hello, step in and please be good 2019.”

And what do I wish on the first day of 2019 for you, me and us?

To live! Together with our beloved family and friends. In good health, in harmony, with peace and acceptance for what 2019 will be.

I wish we finally learn to immerse ourselves in the eternity and the volatility of the moment.

I wish we all become more engaged and more dedicated in making this short existence count.

I wish we all have compassion in our hearts and kindness in our eyes. I wish we all gain the perfect sight for us to spot the magic hidden in each life crossing our paths.

I wish for us to become endless fountains of love! Love to give and love to receive more than the infinite, beyond the limitless space of our souls.
I wish for us the wisdom to understand that our lives are like streams we all must nourish from within.

I wish for us the courage to share the undesired struggles with those who made us a priority of their lives. I wish for us to understand that will be moments when we must accept and seize the hand offered in need.

I wish for us to grab and hold on tight the souls that make us feel whole, perfect, and complete.

For a sparkling and a marvelous year ahead, I wish for us to have:

  • the beauty and the strength of the diamond,
  • the lightness of the feather,
  • the grace of the swan,
  • the persistence and the flow of the water,
  • the innocence of the purest child’s heart,
  • the power of the phoenix to transform and to reborn.

A happy, prosperous, blessed, and magical 2019 to us all!

Lots of love,
Sharing Simple Words

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