The power of patience

Half of humanity is in lockdown. What is happening in the world right now could easily be part of a utopian story written in front of our eyes. We are the main characters and the villain is a virus.

Half of world population is in confinement not having an exact idea when it would be able to go back to the habitual normalcy of life. The past few weeks forced people to slow down.

Life’s parameters as known to us, changed.

Setting aside the efforts we make to adjust to the new circumstances, I like to see the whole situation as a reminder of the crucial role patience plays in difficult times.

I am aware that vast majority of people would like to go outside, to do whatever they were doing before this whole situation began, me included. We are forced to accept that sometimes things beyond our control happen. In matter of days, all can change in ways not anticipated. Not knowing when we will run again wild, patience becomes essential for our overall wellbeing.

But having patience and learning to embrace it, can be one of the hardest things to do.

Until two months ago we all lived in the speed era. Our days were on fast forward. Adrenaline was the daily companion. Actions and decisions were not linked to patience.

It can be a shock to stop. All of a sudden. It is totally justified to feel dizzy, confused and even frustrated. What was constant, no longer is.  

This new temporary setting became a forced opportunity to (re)discover the power of patience. To befriend patience and learn from seating next to it.

My beloved mother, in times of difficulty, was constantly repeating me to have patience. Her argument was that however bad the situation I was experiencing, it will pass. Her words of wisdom were to have patience and wait a little longer.

How right she was.

For more than three years I went through an exhausting divorce trial. I do remember the morning I woke up determined to end what seemed an endless painful story. I am not a quitter, but I had the feeling that the toll I was paying was too high. I was ready to give up everything only to have the closure. On the day I was planning to inform my lawyer about my decision, mom called. Just to see how I was doing. I told her about my intention and how much I wanted to end the whole situation. After listening to me, she said something like “you waited until now, wait a little longer. It will finish somehow”. And I decided to have patience.

On a Friday morning, two weeks later after the conversation with my mom, my lawyer called. The judges gave the verdict. And I had my closure in very good terms. But this wouldn’t have happened without deciding to accept that patience is necessary and that patience requires time.

Having patience in the current circumstances doesn’t have to be the equivalent of obsessing over what to do when the confinement will be over. Patience doesn’t necessary mean making rigorous plans for when life goes back to normal (and get all excited about it).

Patience is the acceptance of life as it is. Patience brings the wisdom born while waiting. Patience knows that solid vision and saving solutions are built through time.

I recently listen to one of Elisabeth Gilbert’s talks “Uncovering your resilience”, event organized by The School of Life Amsterdam. Setting aside the stories shared, she said something very powerful “live life on life’s terms”.

I genuinely believe that living life on life terms cannot happen without patience. The acceptance of life as it is, and deepest awareness of the present moment, can only happen in the presence of patience.

The great Russian author Leo Tolstoy said “the most powerful warriors are patience and time”.

Surmounting the overwhelming and finding sustainable solutions, are easier done in the light of these two companions.

Let us learn to accept patience and time as a guiding torches. Patience and time are the pillars on which life best unfolds.

Stay safe and healthy.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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