I have a long list of very important issues:

1. I take things way too seriously.

2. I have the feeling that I’m in a constant rush and I don’t know when and how to stop.

3. I stress for almost everything in my life, including my shopping list (Yes, yes! It can be difficult to decide what veggies to buy for the week ahead).

4. My vivid imagination is constantly screening in my head horror movies of how thing might go wrong. Over and over again. And most of the time is during my sleeping hours, so definitely not good for my daily rest.

5. I constantly forget that I don’t have to have a solution for everything and that nothing is in my control (for this one I’m working on finding a long term solution).

6. When I’m stressed I jump back and forth from being extremely active to not being active at all. From crying to laughter. From moments of clarity to no clarity at all. So balance is a thing I’m still looking for.

And exactly when I have the feeling that I cannot cope anymore with my very important issues, I receive reminders.

Reminders of how wonderful life is. Reminders that I am not alone. Reminders that in spite of a difficult road ahead, there will be always someone who will hold your hand. Even if for a second. That second is all I need to. All I need to keep going. That is my reminder that I am not alone. That there is so much beauty along the way. That there will be always someone reminding me to look at the beautiful blue sky. Oh, and how magical a blue sky can be.

But to see the reminders I have to keep an open heart to receive all these blessings. Blessings that look like my beloved family. Blessing that look like my cherished friends. Blessing that sound exactly like my favourite tune. Blessings that look like the sun and the bright full moon.

I know we all have very important issues and that our issues are the most important.
My dear readers please notice the reminders of all the blessings in your life.
Do you spot them? Do you ever thank them?! Maybe is time you do.


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