Make a wish!

Make a wish!

In stories these are powerful, magical words. Door openers towards possibilities and fulfilled dreams. In fiction and in reality these words are the equivalent of hope! Hope for the better and synonym of saving resolutions.

If you could have one wish come true, what would you choose? With the mention that wishing for other wishes is not possible…

Why thinking about this in times of confinement?

Because right now many of our normal options are limited.

Because right now the whole world stands still.

 Dreaming and hoping are the tools that help us cope with the overall situation.

Make a wish!

These words right now have more power than ever. Almost like a whispered incantation.

What do I wish for?

Strength! Strength of mind! Strength of spirit!  Strength to embrace what is to come.

Why strength and why not going back to normal?

Because I believe that our usual normal will be transformed. In the coming months we will need to adjust. Standards for social interaction and hygiene norms will change. New preventive measures will become mandatory. Some temporary, some might stay with us forever.

The way we will act and react towards isolation, illness, loneliness, mental health, (tele)working, (home)schooling will be altered.

In the past weeks once again we were reminded that the only thing we can have a bit of control over is our own attitude. The rest is a meek illusion.

Making a wish got in the past two months dimensions not imagined before. Creativity heightened and became defensive mechanism.

In confinement making a wish is the invisible fuel and the connection with the audacity to keep going.

What else can you wish under this circumstances, but for strength?!

We will need to adapt. Once again.

We will go out. We will dance and we will enjoy even more each other’s company. But to reach that point we will need the strength to go through everything. With the good and with the bad. With restrictions and limitations.

We will adjust, we always do.  But in the process, I dare to say, we will be more selective with our wishes. We look at life through changed lenses.

May we all have strength to wait and to overcome!

What do you wish for?

What were you wishing for before the social restrictions and now is not wished anymore?

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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